International Qualifications and Skills

International Qualifications and Skills – how ECCTIS helps recognising international expertise

3 Comments on “International Qualifications and Skills”

  1. Heila Haldane says:

    Most of my qualifications obtained in South Africa have been approved by BABTAC.
    I am looking at converting two alternative qualifications in the UK so i can provide these services.
    Please can you assist me in guiding me on how to go about converting these qualifications.
    Thank you.

    • UK NARIC says:

      Dear Heila,

      Thank you for your comment.

      Providing these awards have been assigned a national level in South Africa we should be able to provide a comparison of the qualifications. You can apply for our Statement of Comparability on our website, further information including the fee and necessary documentation can be found here:

      I hope this helps.

      UK NARIC

      • Heila Haldane says:

        Thank you for your reply. Please can you guide me as to exactly how to send my certificates to you, I find the website very difficult to find my way around. If you can send me an email address or a direct link to the page i ought to be on in order to move forward with my certificates.
        Many thanks

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