UK NARIC and English language for immigration purposes

English LanguageUnder the immigration rules, there are five ways to prove that you meet the English language proficiency requirements:

  • being a citizen of a majority English language speaking country
  • having passed a Secure English Language Test (SELT) at the appropriate level
  • having an academic qualification that was taught in English and is recognised by UK NARIC as being equivalent to a UK Bachelor’s degree, Masters degree or PhD
  • having met the requirement in a previous grant of leave
  • or special arrangements during a transition period.

In order to satisfy the third of these requirements there are two aspects that UK NARIC has to look at:

  • is the qualification at least Bachelor level?
  • was it taught in English?

For immigration purposes the first part is relatively easy for UK NARIC to determine; all you need to send are copies of your degree certificate, transcript and diploma supplement (and translations of these documents, if they are not in English). This will enable us to do a comparison of your qualification.

The second aspect is slightly more complex. If the qualification was studied in a majority English language speaking country, then all that is required is confirmation of the level of the qualification. A normal UK NARIC qualification comparison, based on the documents above, will be fine.

If the qualification was studied elsewhere then a Medium of Instruction letter from the awarding institution needs to be sent. This confirms that the qualification was taught (or researched) in English.


What do I need to send?

When you apply to UK NARIC through the Visas and Nationality application portal you will be told what documents you need to send to us so that we are able to assess and evaluate your qualification.

Here is a list of what you need to send:

  • a photocopy or scanned version of your final certificate(s)
  • a photocopy or scanned version of your final transcript(s)
  • a photocopy or scanned version of a certified translation in English if necessary
  • payment for the service

If you are using our services to provide evidence of your English language proficiency, then we will ALSO need:

  • evidence of the medium of instruction to confirm that the qualification was taught or researched in English. In other words, a Medium of Instruction letter (an MOI letter).

We have an example on our website (PDF) for your reference.


Do I always need to send a medium of instruction letter?

The approach we have taken with our new UK NARIC Visas and Nationality service is to have an intelligent immigration-specific application portal which takes into account your circumstances and your immigration application route and then makes clear the documents you need to send us, to enable us to then issue qualification statements or English language statements as appropriate.

If the Medium of Instruction is a relevant issue, then we always ask for an MoI letter.

This ensures consistency within the process, and helps ensure its integrity, and treats all applicants in the same manner, thus it is fair.

If the logic behind the application portal detects that MoI is not relevant to an application, then it is not asked for. The application portal lists the documents that you need to upload, during the application process. MoI will be listed if it is required. MoI is not listed if it is not required.

So the position on MoI should be clear, when you apply.



If you want to check the official immigration rules, then the Home Office website is the place to go.




36 Comments on “UK NARIC and English language for immigration purposes”

  1. Mansi Bheda says:

    If the final certificates are originally in English, is the MoI letter still required?

    • UK NARIC says:


      An MoI letter is a Medium of Instruction letter. This is required if you are requesting an English Language Assessment, used to demonstrate the level of English to which an overseas degree that was taught in English was taught.

      For a Statement of Comparability, we require certified English translations of documents where these have not been issued originally in English. If you’re documents are already issued in English, we require scanned copies of these only.

      I hope this helps,

      UK NARIC

  2. Grazy says:

    I’m not sure if I understood it correctly. I have a UK Bachelor’s degree. Do I still need to send you a copy of my certificate?

    • UK NARIC says:


      The role of UK NARIC is to comment on overseas qualifications only. Qualifications from the UK should be presented directly to the Home Office/ UKVI for their consideration.

  3. Eddy says:

    For immigration purposes as spouse – I was taught my masters & bachelors in computers from India in English medium. Will it be sufficient if I submit my final transcripts along with medium of instruction certificate from both the universities ?
    Also will I be needed to take up the English Language Test instead of just applying for statement of comparability ?
    I’ve tried to research alot on this topic however haven’t found any information substantial on this topic. Please help.

    • UK NARIC says:


      Thank you for your enquiry.

      For advice on whether you require UK NARIC’s services or to take a Secure English Language Test for your visa purposes, you would need to contact the Home office/ UK Visas and Immigration or a professional Immigration Adviser; we are unable to comment on visa requirements. UKVI’s contact details can be found here:

      Should you need UK NARIC’s services, full details of the services offered and the documents required can be found on our website here:

  4. AM says:

    I intend to apply for spouse entry clearance visa (first visa to settle in the UK) for which I need to prove the English language requirements and that I am qualified to a minimum bachelors degree.
    I have a 2 years BA (private) from Pakistan, in English medium. Not sure if the 2 years BA is considered as bachelors (BA) in the UK or its 3 years in the UK. Can you please suggest? I need to know if it’s worth taking the UK NARIC services, else I go and take IELTS UKVI.

    • UK NARIC says:


      Thank you for your message.

      We are unable to comment on qualifications or their comparable level via social media. You can call us on (0044) (0)871 330 7033, Monday to Friday (between 9:00am and 5:00pm), to speak to an Information Adviser and they can provide a verbal comparison and advice over the telephone. Alternatively, you can upload your documents via the online application system and a regional specialist can confirm if we are able to proceed.

  5. Yash says:


    I am applying for Tier 2 Genral Visa and post registration on the website with my university name and country, I have been asked to submit, degree certificate, transcripts and MOI, my certificate and transcripts have ‘Medium: English’ mentioned. Do i still need to submit the MOI?

    • UK NARIC says:


      Thank you for your comment. We do require a separate letter that has been issued by your institution (usually the central registration unit) confirming that your specific course was taught and researched solely in English. An example of such a letter can be found on our website here.

      • Rahul says:

        Hi how much is the document processing time

      • UK NARIC says:


        The processing time is dependent on the service requested. The majority of our services are completed within 10-15 working days, including the Statement of Comparability and English Language Assessment services; fast track options are also available for these two services only. Our Visa and Nationality service has a processing time of 5-10 working days.

        Further details can be found on our website here.

        I hope this is of use.

  6. Mahindra says:


    I have Masters and Ph. D. degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences from the University of Mumbai. Do I still need MOI? Also, there are no transcripts for Ph. D. degrees. So, if I am submitting my Ph. D. degree certificate that should suffice for both the statement of comparability as well as MOI. Is my understanding correct? Please advise

    • UK NARIC says:


      Thank you for your enquiry. In order for us to provide an English Language Assessment, or to comment on the level of English an award was taught to, we do require a medium of instruction letter issued by the awarding institution. An example of such a letter can be found here.

      In regards to your PhD, we appreciate that these often do not have transcripts, particularly if they are a research based award, therefore the certificate will usually suffice. Please note that in order to comment on a PhD, we often require the full documentation for the preceding Bachelor and Master’s (where appropriate) in order to establish the most accurate comparison.

      I hope this helps.

  7. Venkat says:

    I have completed B.Com Degree from University of Madras in 1992, now I have Degree certificate and first and second year mark sheet, the final year mark sheet missing, but I need to submit UK NARIC Letter to UKBA office in Chennai in 10 days, they are waiting for it. what help can do now, otherwise they will reject my Visa. Can it possible to issue letter with Final transcript of my Degree certificate which ii have. Please help me. urgent.

    • UK NARIC says:


      Thank you for your enquiry. The usual requirements for a Statement of Comparability are a copy of the final degree certificate along with a copy of the full academic transcripts/ mark sheets. Where the full documentation is not available, we do endeavour to proceed where possible, however this cannot be guaranteed. I would recommend submitting the documents you do have via the online application system and a specialist can review these to see if there is sufficient information/ documentation to provide the service.

      Please note, the timeframe for completion of a standard Statement of Comparability is 10-15 working days from receipt of the completed application. We do offer fast track options for a quicker completion time.

      Full details of these, and how to apply for the Statement of Comparability, can be found on our website here.

      I hope this helps.

    • swati singh says:

      Did you submit your naric English language certificate after biometrics?

  8. winson lee says:


    I receive an email from NARIC reminding the letter should confirm the course is taught “solely” in English. However, the sample letter just shows “the medium of instruction of the course is English” and the letter I colllect from my institute is showing these.

    May I know if the words “solely in English” should appear in the letter?


  9. Biola says:

    I just got my statement of comparability from NARIC and my nursing degree is equivalent to UK degree.Can I use this as evidence of English Language proficiency as am from Nigeria and my course of study was in English.Also,I had a transcript from University of Brighton where I undertook my overseas nurses programme and I have been registered with NMC-UK.Can I use these documents as evidence that I studied in majority English Language country ?.

    • UK NARIC says:

      Hi, we are unable to advise on how you can demonstrate your knowledge of English for visa and nationality purposes. I would recommend contacting the Home Office/ UK Visas and Immigration for further information, or a qualified Immigration Adviser. We do offer an English Language Assessment, which is a separate service that can comment on the level of English to which your Nigerian degree was taught, however I would recommend checking with the Home Office/ UKVI to see if this is required alongside your Statement of Comparability.

    • Naiju Jacob says:

      Haii ..good afternoon ..I want NARIC euvalent certificate of diploma in civil engineering from india…can u advise..where I want to apply.? much time take take..?

      • UK NARIC says:

        Hi, thank you for your comment. A Statement of Comparability can confirm the level of your overseas qualification to the UK’s qualifications frameworks. Full details of the service can be found on our website here.

        The fee for the service is £46.00 + VAT (£55.20) plus your chosen delivery option. The estimated timescale for completion is 10-15 working days.

  10. Dee says:

    Afternoon. I have a BA (hons) degree in English and Communication and l am also a holder of a Postgraduate Certificate in Education (Intermediate and Senior phase). I would like to inquire if a medium of instruction letter from my university is required for my qualifications to be assessed for teaching.

    Thank you

    • UK NARIC says:

      Hi, a medium of instruction letter is only required if you need us to comment on the level of English to which your qualification(s) were taught. This is usually for visa purposes only, however I would recommend checking with training providers/ potential employers for advice. For further information on teaching in England, please contact the National College for Teaching and Leadership (NCTL); their details can be found here.

  11. Ayesha Iqbal says:

    Is CFA designation from CFA Institute enough to prove English sufficiency for UK naturalisation?

    • UK NARIC says:


      We are unable to advise on different methods of proving your knowledge of English for visa purposes and recommend you contact the Home Office, UKVI or a qualified Immigration Adviser for further information.

      Our English Language Assessments/ Visa and Nationality services are for academic awards only; we are not able to comment on the level of English associated with a professional qualification.

      Further information about the visa tiers and routes, including the documents required, can be found on the Home Office’s website here.

  12. Tarun Luthra says:

    I have a consolidated mark-sheet of my Master’s degree, and on its back side the guidelines says – “Medium of instruction, evaluation and examination English”.

    Please suggest do i still need MOI letter from university.


    • UK NARIC says:

      Hi, thank you for your comment.
      We do still require a separate medium of instruction letter that has been issued to you personally to confirm that the course you studied when you studied was taught solely in English.

      • Tarun Luthra says:

        The mark sheet/transcript is very much personal to me. It has my all semester credits and final cgpa mentioned. I am not pointing anything wrong but just raising my concern. University has already taken care of it by mentioning it on the back side of transcript. Please suggest!

  13. Mike says:

    Hello I am applying for British citizenship and I hold an Italian degree in English language. (2003)

    Do I need to get the UK Naric comparability test? The English modules were all taught in English (literature, linguistics and language).
    Or is it just enough to provide a certificate directly to the Home Office?

    thanks for letting me knoq

  14. Obi Nwankwo says:

    I have a Masters degree in Architecture from University of Nigeria. Do I fall under the English speaking countries?

    • UK NARIC says:

      Hi Obi,

      Nigeria would not be on the list of English exempt countries. Please see this Home Office document for further information –

      You may be interested in the UK NARIC Visas and Nationality Service for your Home Office purpose. The new VisasAndNationality service replaces the Home Office UKVI Points-Based Calculator web pages. This is the new designated service supporting individuals applying for UK visas or for settlement in the UK, provided by UK NARIC on behalf of the Home Office. These statements confirm your academic qualification level and/or English language proficiency – as appropriate for your personal circumstances and immigration route. For information on the service and how to apply, please visit the following page:

      Alternatively, if you are required to prove a level of your English language proficiency then it is recommended you look into the alternative methods, such as an IELTS or SELT Exam. (

      I hope this information is of assistance to you. If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact us.

      Kind regards,

      UK NARIC

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