The designated UK national agency for understanding and recognition of international qualifications and skills

UK NARIC is the designated national agency for the recognition of international qualifications and professional skills in the United Kingdom.

We provide the only official source of information on international qualifications to organisations recruiting from overseas and to individuals wishing to work or study in the UK. Since 1997, we have performed this official function on behalf of the UK Government.

UK NARIC’s role and functions are key to today’s globalised economy, to the free movement of labour and students, and to managed migration. Understanding international qualifications and professional competences unlocks individual potential and ensures the benefits that international professionals can bring to the host country.

With over 20 years’ experience of continuous and on-going research into education systems and professional skills frameworks across the globe, UK NARIC has built one of the largest knowledge and data banks on international qualifications in the world. 

Today, UK NARIC data banks are made available via web browser to hundreds of subscriber members worldwide, including every university in the UK and universities in over 50 countries, colleges and other educational institutions, professional bodies and large international businesses.

Our data range over 4,000 qualifications from 186 countries, former states or territories, and now extend to cutting edge grade comparisons data for an expanding number of countries.

Our unique expertise makes us a global leader and reference point for international qualifications and skills certification. We conduct advanced research, often in joint projects with overseas partners; we deliver benchmarking services for awards; we capacity build for governments and education authorities; and we supply raw data on qualifications for integration into human resources systems and software.

We are sought out by national governments, education authorities, professional institutes and secondary, vocational and higher education awarding bodies as an expert consultant for advice, specialist technical input and capacity building and development.

Our work encompasses:

  • mutual recognition agreements (government to government) – unlocking study and work opportunities and supporting educational and knowledge exchange
  • independent appraisal of qualifications and systems – evaluating the quality and standards of education internationally
  • development and referencing of qualifications and qualification frameworks – supporting the recognition and transferability of qualifications worldwide
  • mapping of skills and occupations to inform policies on migration – facilitating labour mobility and the development of bridging and support measures
  • capacity building – in the areas of: establishment of national agencies; implementing the Bologna process; quality assurance

UK NARIC represents the UK government in the forums of the European Union, the Council of Europe and UNESCO, is an active and leading member of the international network of ENIC-NARIC agencies, and has been an important contributor to the work of the Asia-Europe ASEM in establishing the network of National Information Centres (ANICs) throughout Asia.

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12 Thoughts

  1. Dear Sir/ Madam, I would like to know the level of my diplomas that I have received from my country, Syria as well as Paris, and what is the equivalent here in the UK, and what measures should be taken to do so. I have attached a picture to you about my CV.

    Thank you so much< Ali Jammoul


    1. Hi Ali,
      Thank you for your message.
      Unfortunately we are unable to comment on qualifications or institutions via our social media accounts. If you would like to discuss the comparability of your awards you can call us on (0044) (0)871 330 7033, Monday to Friday (between 9:00am and 5:00pm), to speak to an Information Adviser and they will be happy to discuss this with you further.
      You may also wish to refer to our website for more information on how to apply:
      Kind Regards,
      UK NARIC


  2. Hello
    I need to prove that my international qualification(s) meet the academic and/or English language requirements will instead be required to obtain official statements from UK NARIC. I did my education in Anna University, India. I have the below documents
    – Degree
    – Consolidated Mark Sheets(with Medium of Instruction as English in the bottom of the certificate)

    The consolidated mark sheets provides marks with a percentage. It does not give the score in CGPA. Are these documents sufficient for issuing the documents for UKVI Tier 2 general VISA?



    1. Hi Viswa,
      Thank you for the message.
      The Visas and Nationality Service costs £125 + VAT (£150) and is a 10 Working Day turnaround. These statements confirm your Academic Qualification Level (AQUALS) and/or English Language Proficiency (ELPS) – as appropriate for your personal circumstances and immigration route.
      To meet the requirements for UK NARIC to be able to provide an English Language Assessment you must hold a degree of Bachelors, Masters or Phd level from an overseas institution that was solely taught in the medium of English.
      Please visit our website and Take the Red Route for Visas and Nationality to apply for this service.
      We will require the following documents for each of the qualifications you would like to be included:
      • Final Certificate
      • Full Academic Transcripts / Mark Sheets for each year of study
      • A Medium of Instruction Letter from the Awarding Institution confirming it was taught solely in English
      UK NARIC


    2. Hi Viswa,

      Did you got the answer for this ? I am exactly in same scenario on Medium of instruction.

      My marksheet or transscript has medium of instruction as English in it. Does it suffice UK Naric requirement



      1. Hi Guna
        Thank you for your comment.
        Although it may be stated on your documents already we would need to see a separate statement issued from the awarding university to confirm that the course has been taught and assessed in English.
        We only require a scanned copy of the letter so it can be sent to you as an email attachment. We have an example of this letter published on our website for your reference:
        I hope this helps.
        Kind regards, UK NARIC


  3. Good afternoon,

    My questions are about Naric Qualification Framework versus EQF RQF SCQF

    – Does UK Naric Band Framework follow the European Qualification Framework -EQF- and the EU Commission Regulations on High Education?

    – When evaluating EU University degrees, oficially recognised, already calified attending both their respective EU Countries and the EQF levels, how do you evaluate Doctoral, Master or Integrated Master achieved in any EU country?

    I´ve notice that RQF (England / Ireland) lacks Doctoral and Master levels while SCQF (Scotland) doesn´t.

    – Do a RQF 6 / SCQF 10 allows to start studies at RQF 8 or SCQF 12? What accademic requirements,degree or RQF do UK students need to study in UK for a Doctoral qualification?

    – Why the same level 6 RQF for a Bachelour Hons than without Hons? Do both of them meet the requirements io apply for admision at a UK University for Doctoral studies?



    1. Hi Rufo
      Thanks for your comment.
      Unfortunately, we can’t comment on the comparability of qualification frameworks on our social media.
      Generally speaking UK NARIC assesses qualifications that have been benchmarked against the national qualification framework of the country of origin. Therefore we provide comparisons of awards which have a recognised level within the country of origin. UK NARIC is then able to ascertain to what level this is comparable to, within the UK framework.
      For more information about the UK qualification frameworks please visit the GOV.UK website:
      Or if you wish to have your specific qualifications assessed please see the individuals page on our website:
      UK NARIC


  4. Hi,
    I want to get the comparison done for my bachelor’s degree which I have studied in India for immigration purposes, I have all the original transcripts of every semester but the degree which I have is provisional as I haven’t been to my uni to collect it. So, do you accept a provisional final degree for the comparison?? Or should I get my original degree first


    1. Hi Saurav,
      Thank you for your comment.
      The usual requirements for a Statement of Comparability are a copy of the final degree certificate along with a copy of the full academic transcripts. If the final certificate is not yet available, we will endeavor to proceed where possible, however this cannot be guaranteed. I would recommend submitting the documents you do have via the online application system and a specialist can review these to see if there is sufficient information/ documentation to provide the service.
      I hope this helps.
      Kind Regards,
      UK NARIC


    1. Hi Ahmed
      Thank you for your comment.
      Unfortunately we are unable to comment on qualifications or institutions via our social media accounts. If you would like to discuss the comparability of your awards you can call us on (0044) (0)871 330 7033, Monday to Friday (between 9:00am and 5:00pm), to speak to an Information Adviser and they will be happy to discuss this with you further.
      You may also wish to refer to our website for more information on how to apply:
      Kind Regards,
      UK NARIC


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