New UK NARIC service – UK Qualification Reference Statement

A new UK NARIC service for individuals has been launched – the UK Qualification Reference Statement (UKQRS)

The UK Qualification Reference Statement was developed in response to requests from people who want official, additional information about their UK qualifications to help third parties understand them better.

Who is it for?

The UKQRS service may help if:

  • you are looking to use your UK qualifications overseas, eg to apply for employment, further study, or professional registration
  • you hold an older qualification that is often misunderstood
  • you hold a UK qualification that was studied overseas, and would like confirmation of its standing

What is it for? How does it help?

The UKQRS service confirms that your qualifications are recognised in the UK and gives further information about their standing. This may include referencing to UK qualification frameworks, information about professional status, or the status of the awarding institution.

How do I apply?

To apply and find out what documents you need to send us, please visit our website:

If you would like more details about the UKQRS service, there is a dedicated email address: 

This service is for UK qualifications only. For international qualifications, use our Statement of Comparability service.

This service is also not for you if you hold a qualification awarded by a UK professional body, eg ACCA, CIMA, CIOB. You should apply for a Statement of Comparability if you are looking for confirmation of the level of this type of qualification.

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